Articulate is currently included free of charge in GO+ (NORMAL PRICE SEK 12,950)

It should be easy to create digital courses, and also to distribute them and track the results. That’s why we’ve developed this autumn’s best offer. During September, Articulate will be included free of charge for 12 months for all new customers who purchase GO+ (normal price SEK 12,950). Both tools are easy to use, and...

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Swedish Theft Prevention Association (SSF) and TicTac in new digital learning initiative

The Swedish Theft Prevention Association (SSF) is strengthening its fight against cybercrime by launching a new learning platform in collaboration with the edtech provider TicTac Interactive. The Swedish Theft Prevention Association (SSF) is launching a major initiative to raise knowledge on how to combat cybercrime. During the year, SSF has developed a digital strategy comprising...

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Blended learning in GO+

Many organisations have digitalised their workflows, and online meetings and webinars are a natural part of their work processes. But there is often unused potential before or after meetings. Create a digital blended learning experience directly in GO+ in three simple steps: Make sure all participants are prepared. Use GO+ to upload PDFs and video...

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TicTac enters partnership with Atea – new contracts and opportunities

Last spring TicTac became a subcontractor to Atea. Atea has framework agreements in place with the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency and SKL Kommentus. TicTac is now a subcontactor to Atea under the following agreements: SKL Kommentus Inköpcentral AB framework agreement Programvaror och programvaror som molntjänst 2016 (Software and cloud service software 2016) Legal,...

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“Helsingborg Municipality aims to be an attractive employer offering individual development opportunities”

Helsingborg is one of Sweden’s leading municipalities with regard to IT. This year the Municipality will invest strongly in providing digital training for its approximately 11,700 employees via a learning portal available to all the Municipality’s employees, with a focus on lifelong learning. The Municipality will use TicTac’s digital solution Docebo. The aim of the...

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Turn your lectures into e-learning sessions – ready in two weeks!

In the current crisis (COVID-19), we want to make it even easier for companies and organisations to digitalise their training material. In three easy steps we can convert your existing presentations and training material into user-friendly courses that work equally well on a computer or a mobile device. Interested? Read more

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Articulate’s ready-to-use course on COVID-19.

Through Articulate, TicTac offers all its customers a ready-to-use course that includes basic information about the virus: what it is; what are the most common symptoms; and how it spreads. There are also extended versions for travellers, businesses and parents. Click below to take a look at the course. Course preview Contact us for advice...

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How to succeed with online meetings COVID-19: TicTac’s top tips for successful online meetings

Meeting in person will always be the most enjoyable form of meeting. But it is not necessarily the most effective – and in the current circumstances is not recommended. So it is more important than ever to create the right conditions for online meetings. Apart from the health aspect and being better for the environment,...

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3 ways to start an e-learning session

We all learn better when we are inspired. So it’s important to spark users’ interest and make the learning experience seem worthwhile to them. But how do you do that? … with a quiz. Start with an activity that is outward-looking and reflective, to make users curious and put them in a competitive frame of...

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