Strengthen your brand with digital learning

It goes without saying that new employees need a solid introduction to their new workplace – one that provides a clear overview and makes them feel comfortable. Digital onboarding gives new employees an effective introduction to the key aspects of their new workplace. Today’s growing trend for digital learning offers businesses valuable opportunities to strengthen...

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Three hot trends for the year ahead

Having a combination of the right technology and the right people to drive the process gives organisations unprecedented possibilities. Below are the topics we expect to be hottest in 2020: 1. Learning AutomationYes, AI is now working so well that people actually want to use it. 40% of companies have already implemented AI in some...

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TicTac sums up 2019 – Social Learning, AI and simplicity

As the year draws to an end, we first want to thank all our customers for a year of driving development forward together. We’re delighted with all the new customers who joined us in 2019 and all those who have been with us for a while. TicTac has singled out the trends that have dominated...

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TicTac checks out the 3 biggest trends at EdTech Sweden

EdTech Sweden took place last week and TicTac is proud to be a main sponsor of the conference. EdTech Sweden is an initiative that aims to help the Nordic countries secure a global lead in EdTech – one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. This is a forum for sharing best practices and new digital solutions...

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TicTac awards SEK 100,000 to Pinc Founder of the Year – Finch 3D

EdTech company TicTac Interactive donated a SEK 100,000 prize to Finch 3D, winner of the Pinc Capital startup competition at the Nordic Female Investor Meetup 2019 in Malmö. TicTac was also a proud sponsor of NFIM, which aims to promote more women entrepreneurs, investors and company owners. Nordic Female Investor Meetup (NFIM) aims to inspire and...

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EdTech Sweden – How do you create a learning organisation using Social Learning?

Social learning describes the informal processes through which users learn outside the classroom or e-learning course. Informal learning takes place all the time in the workplace. By setting up processes to define how knowledge is documented and shared, learning can become more effective and engaging – without disrupting the daily workflow. TicTac welcomes you to...

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TicTac is proud to become a sponsor of the Swedish youth handball team.

With over 100,000 players and around 500 active associations around the country, handball is the third largest team sport in Sweden. It is the most gender-equal sport, with an equal number of active female and male players. TicTac has chosen to become a partner of the Swedish handball network “Framtidslandslaget” and to sponsor the Swedish...

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TicTac Inspire: Success in Malmö

TicTac Inspire – a customer day packed with discussions, networking and hands-on tips that explain how to use our tools and platforms. 100% of participants in Malmö would recommend others to attend this type of event! Some of the hottest topics on the day: User-generated content – incredibly easy with free apps and Articulate Rise...

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GO+ platform. There is no easier solution.

GO+ is a Learning Management System, or LMS. This means that it lets you gather all your courses together, distribute them and see statistics on system users. An LMS is a vital part of digital learning and GO+ is the easiest way to get started. GO+ provides all the base features that you need and...

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