Digitalise your sales and product material with GO!Sales

5 February, 2018 in Nyheter

With TicTac’s GO! platform, you can easily distribute content and make sure it reaches users. Ensuring that your sales organisation has the right knowledge and expertise improves confidence and boosts sales.
GO! is an efficient and measurable solution for distributing sales and product material and tracking your sales team’s progress. You can track internal as well as external users.

Digitalising your sales and product material offers several important benefits:
Measurability: Being able to certify sales staff and distributors in your products and services creates measurability that can be linked to your sales targets.
Accessibility: Having a common distribution channel for external and internal target groups raises efficiency and lets you quickly distribute new knowledge and information to users anywhere.
Security: Keeping your employees updated with the latest knowledge about your products and services boosts confidence when dealing with customers. It also helps strengthen your brand.

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