Preconceived ideas are the brain’s shortcut to faster decisions. But they will not make your business more efficient or successful. Our 80% complete training on diversity and inclusion teaches you and your team how to challenge preconceptions:
– attract a wider target audience and find the sharpest skills
– see differences as valuable assets and make use of the skills available
– create a working environment in which people dare to be creative and contribute, because they feel secure and valued, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or faith.

Training on Diversity – try it yourself!


How do you actually think?

We all tend to prefer people who we perceive to be like us. We put people in boxes in order to assess our surroundings quickly and easily.
The first stage in creating an inclusive workplace is to become aware of our own preconceived ideas.

Mobile and trackable

Employees can choose when and where they want to do the training – at work or while travelling. You can also keep track of whether the training has been completed and by how many employees.

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