Everything you need for a full-scale learning organisation.

A complete solution for tailored learning

Docebo has it all. Do you want to combine all your courses in a user-friendly LMS? Do you want to create personalised training sequences for users with the help of AI? Would you like users to be able to exchange knowledge using social media?
Docebo makes all this possible, and much more. Don’t be put off by all the features – we will help you get started!
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How does Docebo work?

Docebo is an LMS (Learning Management System) that lets you combine and organise courses, distribute them, monitor users’ progress and assess results using analytical tools.
Watch the video for a more detailed presentation.

AI and automation

AI enables content to be tagged automatically and makes it easier for users to find relevant content. This allows personalised content to be created for each user. It also means that administrators no longer need to tailor channels manually. The flexible interface allows the various functions to be switched on or off depending on how you want to set up your learning organisation.


Easy to get started and reliable to use with auto-save function. Access anywhere.

Responsive interface

To cater for the growing use of mobile devices Docebo is optimised for all devices and intuitively designed.

Unlimited space

No hidden costs or surprises. Use Docebo freely and add as much content as you want.

Social learning

The ability of users to shape their own content has been taken for granted in social media for many years. But larger organisations do not always take advantage of such resources. Docebo’s Coach & Share gives social learning the space to grow and develop, leading to a more productive and positive learning organisation.


We will naturally help you get started with Docebo. How do you want to organise your learning? Which groups and channels should you use? As questions crop up along the way, you simply contact our support team for guidance.

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