Don’t cancel – digitalise!

Convert your lectures into e-learning – ready in two weeks!

In the current coronavirus crisis (COVID-19), we at TicTac want to make it even easier for companies and organisations to digitalise training materials originally designed for classrooms. We’re hearing a lot right now about staff training as a positive alternative for keeping staff members busy while normal operations are suspended, and we want to help meet this demand.

How to proceed

  1. Via an online meeting, you send us your material (presentation, logo, typeface, colours) and tell us about the purpose of the training.
  2. One of our producers will convert your existing presentation material (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.) with related text into a digital course (Rise). One round of editing is included. (Additional editing can be purchased as an optional extra.)
  3. In another online meeting, we will deliver the digital course to you and provide instructions on how it works. The course will then be ready to upload to your LMS (learning management system).

The price is SEK 1,000 per PowerPoint slide. Example: 20-page PPT – SEK 20,000, max. 120 words per page. This offer includes the option of an end-of-course test/quiz. (Minimum of 10 pages per order)

Contact us for more information.

The right distribution platform
If you don’t currently have an LMS, we’ll be happy to advise you on which solution to choose. If you choose the TicTac GO+ platform, you’ll get a course on COVID-19 included.

We look forward to hearing from you

We look forward to hearing from you

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We look forward to hearing from you

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