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make e‑learning easy and



TicTac is a proud distributor of the market-leading authoring tool from Articulate. This software is needed in order to create high-quality, professional e-learning.


The E-learning Made Easy™ service gives you interactive templates that are developed based on proven pedagogy. The templates can be customised to reflect your brand and graphic identity.

Support & coaching

We can assist with scripts, image processing and ideas. Our specialists can handle every element of the process, from planning through to final production.


We train you to use the tool and show you the best ways to work with design and interactive templates.

Quality assurance

With the E-learning Made Easy service, you can create quality-assured training using proven software.

“TicTac specializes in digital training and has the necessary skills in education and interactivity. “

Ann-Charlotte Nilsson

“We at TicTac have developed E-learning Made Easy ™ for the customer to get started quickly, easily and safely.”

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