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Why E-learning?

We want to make it easy for you to train people. Whether you are a large organisation or a small company it can be a challenge to get your message across. Getting everyone together on the same day can be both difficult and expensive. How do you know that people actually read their emails? And how can you be sure that they have actually learned something?

So what’s the answer?

TicTac is a one-stop supplier of E-learning. This means that we have everything you need. But you can also contribute some parts yourself. We believe that you know your target audience and understand your own field, so you are already well on the way. But what you actually need to create E-learning is …

.. a platform

You need an interface that gives participants access to your training. An E-learning platform such as GO+ allows you to upload and distribute training courses. It also lets you track activity on the platform. How many people have taken your course? Have they passed it? Which questions did participants find most difficult?

GO + webinar

A free webinar on one of the most convenient and effective platforms available.

.. content

Articulate 360 lets you create E-learning courses for mobile, tablet and computer. Simply and effectively – and with a team licence it becomes even easier.

Articulate RS webinar

A free webinar on one of the most responsive tools on the market.

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