In industry it is naturally important to use resources efficiently and economically. Knowledge is one of these resources, and in many cases it is a vital part of the manufactured product. We offer a process that optimises the transfer of knowledge so that it can be integrated into existing routines.


TicTac has been providing industry with a range of learning solutions since the 1990s. One of the biggest factors in our success is that we always see our customers as partners, which means we are able to offer platforms and solutions that support your particular visions.


Our scalable platforms allow the passing on of codes of conduct, logistics training and various induction courses in multiple languages and environments. Our partners range from small companies with 10 employees to large, multi-billion corporations with tens of thousands of users.


TicTac are experts in digitalising knowledge, and over the years we have created solutions for many different sectors and divisions of industry. We have converted everything from strategies to basic information into digitally packaged learning that is tailored for the target audience and specific goals. Do you need to implement strategies such as Excellence, train staff in LEAN principles or certify suppliers?

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