Information security

Information security

Effective IT security is not just a matter of using the right technology. Most situations can be avoided if employees know how to handle information correctly. This may mean thinking twice before sending or opening emails, or not passing on sensitive information to anyone unauthorised.
Our 80% complete training in data security covers the most important and frequent issues you should consider to avoid problems.

Training on Information security – try it yourself!


Why 80%?

We cover the most common aspects, such as email management, passwords, social media, malicious code, common sense and etiquette. The other 20% is whatever you think is missing, which could relate to your intranet or your own routines. Naturally, we also adapt the training to suit your brand.

Mobile and trackable

Employees can choose when and where they want to do the training – at work or while travelling. You can also keep track of whether the training has been completed and by how many employees.

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