Sparebank 1 safeguards expertise with Articulate 360

Sparebank 1 comprises 15 independent Norwegian banks that collaborate in an alliance to offer banking services to customers all over...

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TicTac presents: 3 valuable insights you need to be aware of this autumn if you work with learning, culture and growth

Looking back on a very unusual year, we can confidently say that e-learning is here to stay as a key...

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Bridgepoint Growth to partner with TicTac Interactive to support further growth

TicTac Interactive (‘TicTac’), a leading Nordic provider of Corporate E-learning solutions, has partnered with Bridgepoint Growth to further support TicTac’s expansion.  Headquartered...

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Chop Chop uses GO+ to promote Asian cuisine

Chop Chop is a young company with roots in the world’s oldest food culture. With 400 employees, Chop Chop has...

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Tenants’ association uses Docebo to train entire organisation

With over half a million users, the Hyresgästföreningen tenants’ association is one of the biggest clients of Docebo. The platform...

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Strengthen your brand with digital learning

It is essential that new employees get a clear and well-defined introduction to their new workplace, as it gives them...

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TicTac becomes Platinum Partner of Articulate

We are really pleased to report that TicTac Interactive is taking a big step forward in our partnership with Articulate...

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Swedish enterprise agency develops e-learning with GO+

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth is a national authority with regional presence that promotes sustainable growth and...

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Norsk Hydro improves skills with Articulate 360

Norsk Hydro is a leading industrial company that develops operations and partnerships for a more sustainable future. Hydro has been...

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