Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Effective onboarding consists of a mix of knowledge and activities that give new employees a safe and reassuring introduction to their role in your workplace. We offer solutions for digital onboarding that are simple and ready to use immediately with a few small changes – but we can also fully adapt your existing process for e-learning. An e-learning platform lets you easily support and integrate your new employees throughout the process.

Why digital?

With the help of reflection exercises and interactivity, it is easy to learn. All new employees receive the same information and the training can be carried out whenever and anywhere. Just as nice on mobile as on computer!

The first day

One useful tip is to create a schedule for the day that gives you an opportunity to deliver practical information. Documents and lists of contacts should be accessible and easy to find. Start the employee on simple tasks that you can monitor through the e-learning platform.


The purpose of using an e-learning platform is to ensure the effectiveness of your process and make it straightforward for you and your new employees, while also being traceable. Information about your products and services can be interwoven with ideas and knowledge tests, and activities can combine practical and online exercises.

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