Public sector

Public sector

TicTac has long experience of working with government authorities and the public sector, either through direct procurement or in the form of a framework agreement. We use the authorities’ own writing rules and follow relevant guidelines in areas such as accessibility.


TicTac currently helps around ten Swedish authorities to achieve their training goals and work towards performance targets in skills development. Our digital learning experiences are tailored to the needs of each organisation, but are based on values ​​such as accessibility, participation and modern educational methods.


We currently have framework agreements with authorities, county councils and organisations such as the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the National Board of Health, the Swedish Transport Administration and Region Skåne. This makes us a seasoned and flexible partner for long-term partnerships.


We work hard to guarantee compliance with the requirements that apply in public administration. We have therefore developed a project process based on performance-driven methodology. We have also implemented security, environmental and workplace policies that facilitate working on projects that demand public access and transparency.

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