Q-Park chooses TicTac for digital learning initiative

21 October, 2016 in Nyheter

Q-Park has chosen to work with TicTac on its training initiative for the company’s parking facilities. TicTac will supply its digital E-Learning Made Easy services to the car parking company.


Q-Park is one of the largest parking companies in Europe, with around 6,000 parking facilities in 10 countries, providing a total of around 835,000 parking spaces. In Sweden, Q-Park also provides parking security services. Q-Park employs approximately 400 people in Sweden and runs just over 1,500 car parks, around 200 of which are multi-storey car parks.

TicTac Interactive will work in partnership with Q-Park to develop e-learning courses for use in the parking company’s training initiative. The training will be packaged using TicTac’s E-Learning Made Easy service, which has been developed to safeguard the skills of organisations quickly, easily and reliably by using digital channels.


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